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  1. robrecord

    Mojave Batch processing not working

    Many thanks Dan, I appreciate the reply! Good to know it is in the pipeline.
  2. robrecord

    Mojave Metal Accelerator not Working for Affinity

    I disagree. I always install the new OS at public betas and have rarely had issues. I am taking a risk in installing a beta, but no-one should be shamed for installing a proper, tested release; especially when they did their homework about it. I agree Apple can be secretive when it comes to owning their bugs. I also have this issue (with batch processing) on Mojave and it seems to relate to the number of cores used when parallel processing. More than 8 images and the job chokes up. Can confirm the workaround is simply to turn off parallel processing. Further issues with slowness are solved for me by disabling Metal compute checkbox (but can select Metal in the dropdown). On Macbook Pro 2017 15 inch.
  3. robrecord

    New Batch Job Parallel Processing

    Hi Callum, I have this issue and my display preference is already set to Metal. Turning off parallel processing however, does work around the issue.
  4. I have an issue with batch processing in Affinity Photo 1.6.7 on Mojave 10.14.1, on Macbook Pro 2017 15 inch. The batch processing does not complete, appears to hang part way through. I have not succesfully been able to get any batch processing to work when the number of files is more then a few (say 3 or 4). I imagine the magic number is 8, based on the following: I am trying a simple operation to add a layer and save as JPG and PNG on 112 PNG files, it completes 8 then hangs while processing the next 8. 600% CPU for about 45 minutes so far. Memory is not inflated, not many disk read/writes. Screenshots and spindumps attached. EDIT: I can confirm this issue can be worked around by turning off parallel processing. The issue seems to relate to the number of cores used when parallel processing. More than 8 images and the job chokes up. Serif, can you acknowledge this please? Can you let me know if a supplemental update will be released that doesn't allow the user to run into this known issue? Also can I please have access to the 1.7 beta to see if this resolves the issue? Thanks. Spindump and Sample.zip
  5. robrecord

    Photo: Batch Job - incomplete processing

    I also have this issue on my Mac: