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  1. Thank you both for your quick replies. Sorry, exporting into PDF (for export), using the presets. I'm using Bahnschrift, which I only have in "regular", no other weights. I think it looks different because I didn't zoom in as much in some of the screenshots. I get where you're coming from but the third option is just what the first option looks like exported, no differences in cases applied or anything. The second screenshot was just to show that not all of my hypens are affected. So that would mean that only hyphens with case applied are affected by the export? I've attached an example PDF and apub. Thanks again. hyphen_forum.afpub hyphen_forum.pdf
  2. In one of my documents some of the hyphens and dashes somehow get moved down by a few pixels during export. This doesn't happen to all of them, only some are affected. I also don't have this problem when exporting the exact same text in other programs. I've attached screenshots of the position of the dash in affinity, an unaffected dash after export and a moved dash.
  3. Hi Chris, usually when I open a document it works fine. I mostly noticed it in a rather big document with lots of pasted images after it's been open a while. So that's probably why it's that slow. The text frame doesn't have specific attributes, it's a regular text box with one or two lines of text in a normal font. Thanks for getting back to me.
  4. Since the latest Update I'm experiencing massive lags when copying Fram Texts through holding down control and dragging. Sometimes the new textbox will not appear where I drag it and I have to move the mouse much farther to even get the box anywhere. Once it even changed the original Box I was trying to copy, the font size changed and both the new an old box were pasted somewhere outside of my page.