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  1. @Dan C Renaming the 1.0 directory has solved the issue! Thank you very much for your help. @Mark Ingram Interesting. Log.txt attached. The preferences with a blank 1.0 directory (reset to defaults I guess) are different than what I have if I restore the backup 1.0 directory. The settings with the old (crashing) 1.0 dir.: Settings after reset (no crash): It definitely looks like something has gone wrong there.
  2. Thank you for the response. I have updated my graphics driver to Version: R375 U9 (377.55) WHQL Release Date: 2017.7.24 Operating System: Windows 10 64-bit Language: English (UK) (was 369.09). So far, this has not helped, but I will keep investigating in that direction. A crash report is attached. 7a58c7dd-8259-4247-b0eb-53ad508c124a.dmp
  3. Hi, In both Affinity Designer as well as, I cannot currently open any file, or even start a new document, without the application crashing. This is obviously really annoying as I have started a small project using the software, which worked fine, but now I have no possibility of accessing the saved file(s). I don't really understand what has changed. I have tried uninstalling and re-installing the application, to no avail. The problem first occurred after leaving the software open through a hibernation of Windows. This is on Windows 10 Pro build 17134. Detailed hardware info attached in second attachment. The error message is: "An Unhandled Exception has occurred and the application cannot continue. The Crash Reporter will be displayed after the application exits. Reference: 833df4fb-9734-43a9-8c26-a0cd1f3da7ea" (screenshot attached). As shown in the screenshot, the application shows the file as loaded to 100 %, but no part of the file is displayed yet. The same happens when clicking on New Document on the startup panel, and then pressing ok on the default settings in the New Document settings dialogue (after a very short flicker, the same message as shown in the screenshot appears, with a different reference obviously). For what it's worth, Affinity Photo appears to still work fine. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, J
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