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  1. Hello, I've recently purchased AF and it's my first serious image processing software so I'm still learning. However, one thing that has been driving me crazy from day 1 is that AF keeps distorting the RAW images (I use Canon EOS 6D, .cr2 raw files): not only it's visually distorted, it greatly looses in sharpness and I can't get the sharpness back. Here is an example image (files attached): one image (canon.jpeg) was converted from raw to jpeg in a free software with basic functionality (Digital Photo Professional) that comes with Canon cameras, I didn't do any modifications, just conversion. The second photo is the result of developing in AF. In AF I imported the raw file, turned off the lens corrections in Develop Assistant, Raw Engine is Serif Labs, the only one I seem to have, then pressed develop and then exported as jpeg. You can clearly see from the attached files how much is the AF result is of inferior quality: it's not sharp, the thin grass has turned into a strange mish-mash and the image is distorted ("bend" outwards?) I created a gif just to demonstrate it, the reddish image is the result from AF. How can I prevent AF from distorting the image like this? The experience of working with this software has been extremely frustrating so far as I seem to spend most of the time trying to fix the mess that AF makes of the image rather than doing the post-processing I want. I'd appreciate any help with this!
  2. Hello, thank you for replies! >HVDB Photography yes, I figured out later that I needed to reload the RAW file in order for the "no corrections" setting in Develop assistant to take effect. Now I don't get the distortion. >stokerg Sorry your first sentence contradicts your second sentence, so in the end I didn't quite understand what you tried to say In any case, I have just tried to export jpeg with "lens corrections" in Develop assistant enabled and disabled and I confirm that the image is distorted when the setting is enabled. As I get it, this is how lens correction works in Affinity Photo. It just seems to me that lens correction applied by AP ruins the sharpness in the image. But now I've finally managed to disable it. I have attached the original RAW file so feel free to play with it if you want. IMG_4895.CR2

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