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  1. Has I explained in the beginning this was an imported PDF then I had to fill out so had no choice of fonts used! Do not like this way of dealing with issues, it’s sucks and take too much of my time!
  2. That was never an option - just said it could not save the file at that location - and I tried a few.
  3. At the point it export it just would not allow an export, issues in the size ratio of original images. Problems with text spelling and text box overflows. Deleted images and replaced images, learned spellings, deleted two text boxes and replaced text.
  4. Hi Anna, I found a work around on the Mac. Go to print the document and the Mac has an option to save as PDF instead. Not sure on windows.
  5. Trying to export pdf as I had done before the update today, fails with silly issues in preflight! ps this is not a preflight issue, rebuilt the document and solved all of the preflight problems still the same issue on export.
  6. Latest Upgrade - - Apple Mac - macOS 10.14.3 (18D109) No PDF export from File - Export. Works from Print - PDF PS Just loving All Affinity Software. Far better than Photoshop, Quark, InDesign, Freehand, Illustrator. Using Mac & iPad Versions. One Word Incredible!!!!!!! Can we have a Photo Libary after you have done you Majic with Publisher?
  7. Would there be a chance of an export function to make Apple Books with video and other links?
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