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  1. I'm just checking to see if there are any plans to fix this bug? I've had no choice but to stop using Affinity Photo for most of my work over this one bug. :-(
  2. You are right. I mistakingly said it was the healing brush when it was in fact the Inpainting tool. Regardless, I now have to go back to using the desktop app, which tethers me to my desk instead of having the freedom to do my edits in the company of my family and friends. On the upside this shows just how powerful a proposition the iPad version of this tool is. On the downside it demonstrates the need for the extraordinary care that should be taken before making changes to the user interface. Is there a beta program for the iPad version where you all can receive feedback before releasing a new version? Also, is there anyway that we can revert back to the previous version? Additionally, while I greatly appreciate the fact that you all are not doing a subscription model, I do expect that you should eventually have new major versions to purchase to ensure that you all are able to remain viable financially speaking. If there will be new major versions, will you publish a roadmap so that we users can plan ahead?
  3. Hi. I appears that the touch for gestures feature is broken in the current version of Affinity Photo for iPad. I've had stray red marks appear from my palm or from trying to move the canvas with my finger while using the healing brush with my Apple Pencil. Sadly I did not notice one of these marks until after I had made a large number of edits. The mistake was ~180 changes back in the undo history. Unless there is a way to remove a single edit from the undo history, I've wasted a lot of time because of this bug. As I tend to do quite a bit of cleaning up of my photos, this bug lowers my confidence in the product so far as to not being able to use it at all. :-( Tyree
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