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    iPad Photos extension

    I figured that was the case. Under the current APIs, Serif would have to do it the way Pixelmator Photo does. When you open something from Photos, one of your options is to replace the original image (it leave the revert-to original in tact).
  2. Instead of defaulting to the name "Untitled", I'd love to see the name default to be the name of the file I opened. The workflow that lead me this way: Apple Photos is my DAM. Affinity Photo is my RAW processor and editor. I open Apple Photos files from within Affinity. To get the file back to Apple Photos, I export. I don't pay attention to the filename coming in, so I don't know what to manually rename it to. As a result, I think I have 100s of files named "Untitled" in my Apple Photos library.
  3. Heavy Doody

    iPad Photos extension

    I too would like to see this, if (and only if), Apple Photos hands off a RAW file to Affinity for processing. Assuming we're using Apple Photos I *think* (could be wrong), on iOS you have to open the photos from the non-host app in order to get a RAW file. If you launch the app from a Photos extension, I think it hands off a JPEG. Maybe someone knows for sure, and can clear this up.
  4. Heavy Doody

    Gradient Mask On a Layer?

    Perfect. Thanks!
  5. First time post. I'd like to draw a b/w gradient mask on a layer to have it fade to transparent, gradually revealing the layer below. I Mainly use Luminar and ON1 for compositing. In those apps I select the layer, add a gradient mask, then start dragging. What I've tried: 1. Open image. 2. Place second image. 3. Add layer mask to layer 2 (second "image"). That's where I get stuck. I simply can't find the gradient tool. I've read some older posts and think I know where it's supposed to be, but I'm not seeing it. Screenshot attached. Thanks.