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    Very Unstable

    hey guys, first off: i really like this software. it's easy, it's small and it has everything you need to work for print. BUT: it's pretty unstable when it comes to larger side numbers, and a huge amount of data handling with photos. i'm working on a book right now which has about 180 pages (90 double pages if you want to) and has about 180 large printable photos in it. sometimes it crashes while moving pages around, move a photo to an other page or, like yesterday, it just crashes when i try to export this to a printable PDF file for a preview. my pc is not the cheapest one, has 32GB ram and i don't know what i can do. thanks
  2. mike jungwirth

    Windows 10 & Placed .afdesign Files

    uh cool. thanks a lot for the info
  3. mike jungwirth

    Windows 10 & Placed .afdesign Files

    Hi Dan. Could you tell me when this bug will be fixed? I really do need this feature working on artboards and I guess some other users too. Thank you Cheers Mike
  4. mike jungwirth

    Windows 10 & Placed .afdesign Files

    hi there Dan. thanks a lot for this hint. I pressed STRG and started the app while resetting everything. It worked fine. now it's pretty smooth with everything. nice, thanks again!
  5. mike jungwirth

    Windows 10 & Placed .afdesign Files

    Intel Core i5-6600 3,30 GHz 32 GB Ram 64 Bit Windows 10 Pro NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 SSD Harddrive
  6. mike jungwirth

    Windows 10 & Placed .afdesign Files

    even when i try to place a PDF file in a artboard and then export doesn't work at all. does anybody have any solution for this "place/link" export to pdf problem please? thanks
  7. mike jungwirth

    Windows 10 & Placed .afdesign Files

    ok, it seems that affinity designer can't export other ARTBOARD sites which are linked / placed to other artboard files. but when i place a non-artboard file it works fine. why?
  8. hello people, i'm using affinity designer - latest version - and windows 10 with 32 GB ram and a gforce gfx 970 card and it's VERY VERY slow when i'm typing some text or move things around the workspace. is there anything wrong with the gforce or did i miss some settings? in performance settings i switched to gforce 970 and FAST preview setting but it's slow as hell. --------- next thing i didn't find anything in the forum is: i have a few afdesign files and i want to link them in one master file. i created a artboard file and PLACED them. when i want to export this master file is empty. it seems that affinity designer can't export placed (linked) afdesign files to pdf? as soon as i raster those placed files it's working - but i want to keep the ability to edit those placed files. there is no option to write scripts or set "raster everything before export to pdf" button :( is there any solution to it? thanks a lot for helping me out. mike