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  1. Issue solved in latest update. Thank you team!
  2. Using Publisher When an image layer is placed under a text layer so it clips to the text's alpha, Publisher will freeze when a HSL adjustment is selected for the image layer. I have not dared select HSL in other configurations, since it forces me to close and reopen the app losing any unsaved work (recovery saves still open). I was able to apply Levels and Vibrancy adjustments without issue to this same image layer. PS: Multi-monitor DPI pixellation issue seems to be solved, thank you for the quick fix!
  3. Thank you! Very relieved to know this is being worked on. Excellent app i’ve waited a long time for! It’s very stable otherwise.
  4. I have two displays...my main one is 1440p and the secondary is 1080p. When launching Publisher, images and text will render pixelated/lower resolution on the main 1440p monitor. This can be rectified by bringing publisher into the second 1080p monitor, where images and text render properly, and then bringing it back to the main monitor. Images and text will then render correctly at 1440p. The problem arises again when I use Ctrl+Shift+W to toggle preview mode on or off. Images and text pixelate again, and I need to repeat the above to fix it. I assume this will have something to do with the new adjustments in the latest update concerning multiple-dpi monitors. I am using Version This Issue did not occur with Version and earlier. Two images are attached to show the difference in rendering. Take note that the interface stays sharp throughout.