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  1. I have recently downloaded Affnity 1.7. I have discovered that if I sharpen a photo using the Live Filter "Unsharp mask" and then select "Merge Visible", the sharpening does not get incorporated into the merged image. Other adjustments seem to carry over (although I have not tried them all yet).
  2. I used both Chrome and Edge to download. Both work fine when Save or no download options are selected. They don’t work with auto open.
  3. Just in case anybody else has this problem: when I tried downloading the Affinity photo workbook resources, it failed when I set the download option to auto open the file. The download works fine when the save option is used with the download. This could be a strange config problem with my PC but it’s worth taking note if you have a download problem.
  4. I while ago I purchased the Affintiy Photo Workbook and have been happily going through the exersizes - downloading the DPIs/Resources as I go along (using https://affin.co/<resource name>). However, today (30 Oct) i am unable to download any resources. Internet etc is fine and I am working on 100MB connectivity. Ive never had any problems before. Does anyone have any suggestions.
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