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  1. videoauthor

    Ruler disabled

    Thanks Old Bruce. I got that feature switched on - and learnt a great lesson. Thanks very much.
  2. videoauthor

    Ruler disabled

    Sorry, I cannot see that option on the top right hand side of my screen. My screen looks like this... (see below). I'm on a Mac by the way
  3. videoauthor

    Ruler disabled

    For some reason it doesn't work for me in Publisher version I tried it in Affinity Photo and it works just fine - but not in Publisher.
  4. videoauthor

    Ruler disabled

    Sorry, I probably didn't explain myself well enough. I could see the rulers, but I was referring to creating my own rule or guide on the page. I've now discovered that I need to go to View > Guides Manager and then set a guide on the page, which I can then reposition my moving it on the ruler (if that makes sense). I was confused with InDesign, where you can 'pull' (drag) a new guide on to the page from the horizontal or vertical ruler. I thought it worked in the same way here, but I realise now that the functionality is different in Affinity Publisher. Thanks for your reply.
  5. Hi, I am not able to 'pull' the ruler on to the work area (document workspace) anymore. I'm pretty sure i could do that in the earlier beta version. But then I might be missing something. Love Affinity Publisher though. Great work! Neil