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  1. Hello everyone I selected icloud in the settings of my IPad but the Affinity Design docs are not not saved. Does anyone have an explanation ? Thanks
  2. Hi Stokerg, Thanks to your reply I got it ! I did not save the picture at each time ("save a copy") in the menu with the horny page icon on the top left. I did it and so it works. So that means that one have not to forget to do it each time. There is no automatic backup with Affinity, right ?
  3. Good evening everyone Again me witt Affinity on Ipad I can no longer select with the rectangle tool. Imposible ! Can someone tell me me why ? A small black palette appears at the bottom. I tried intersection-addition-subtract options : it does not change anything. Thanks.
  4. Nadar

    Impossible to select !

    Thank you DM1 I works on Affinity Photo and I changed the layer into a pixels layer and it works !
  5. Hello everyone Could someone tell me how cut out a part of a picture ? When I use the selection rectangle and that I click on it there is no "cut" option on the black palette .. Thanks
  6. Thank you very much Paul I have an issue, I tried on a picture and it works well. But when I try with the picture enclosed it erase all the picture !
  7. Hello everyone Enclosed are 2 images of Affinity for Ipad. I would like to move one of the two to be able to put them one below the other but when I try to do it, the one that I move down:is cut because it comes down on the black background. What can I do ? Thanks
  8. Un grand merci à tous les deux !
  9. Thank you very much Paul I have an issue, I tried on a picture and it works well. But when I try with the picture enclosed it erase all the picture !
  10. Thank you very much Paul
  11. Hello everyone ;) On Affinity Photo on Ipad I have two selection to do with the lasso. When I have finished the first selection if I pass to the other one the first is lost. Is there a way to avoid it ? Thanks
  12. Thank you MEB
  13. Hi everyone Could someone tell me if it is possible to create emoticons with Affinity ? How to put them in the keyboard of an Ipad ? For instance I should like to have a head of an Egyptian god (Anubis, Thot) as an emoticon. Thanks
  14. Hello everyone I have an image on a transparent background (the white and grey little dots). I create a new layer covered with a white rectangle that I put below, but the white background does not appear, only the white and grey little dots… Where is the trap ?
  15. In the screen shots one can see that after I moved the layer with the god on the other one whit, the white background does not appear.
  16. Hello everyone I can not make the crop tool of Affinity Designer for Ipad work. The frame looks good with its 6 handles but I can’t change the size of it, it stays as it is, like frozen… Can someone help me ? Thanks
  17. Thanks I found the key. The layer related to this issue was inside a group. I opened the group and selected the layer and it was ok.
  18. Hi eveybody I have to cut out elements of a picture. This only works in working with mode rasterize. The problem is that in this mode, there is a bad resolution. How could I solve this problem ? Thanks
  19. Hi everybody To cut a piece of image I used a mask. So I have now this part of the picture on a white background. I would like to move this part of image on this white background. I tried with the black arrow but it failed. How to do that ? Thank you.
  20. Hi everyone I selected the outline of a shape with the pen tool. I would like to convert this outline into a selection. I do not see a selection option in the black lower palette. How can I do it ? Thanks
  21. Thanks So no way to do it ? My problem : when I use the lasso, even with the magnetic option very often the selection vanishes when I am at the end of the action !!!
  22. Thanks But I have not that option
  23. Hi everyone I try to cut a part of a picture. I use the lasso to draw around this part of the picture I want to cut I invert the selection I cut All the picture vanishes !! Why ? Thanks to help me.

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