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  1. Hello everyone It seems that the high pass filter does not work on a black and white image. Well, I mean a black and white picture made from a color one in Affinity. Is it true ? If yes, is there another way to improve the sharpness ? Thanks
  2. Hi everyone In Affinity Photo for Ipad on raw mode there is a "Black point" under the histogram in the first option on the up right called "Basics". I think that in the desktop version there is this black point and also a "White point". Could someone inform me on this subject ?
  3. Thanks Lee -Yes it is supported by ios (Sony Nex 6) -Yes I can see the little logo in the corner.
  4. Hi I connect my iPad to an adapter to read a SD card with photos on which there are JPEG and RAW photos. When I go to Affinity Photo to open the RAW files they are noted but all in black…No picture ! How to identify them ?
  5. Thank you Stokerg About "tone mapping" : does this option make an HDR image ? Or they are differents things ?
  6. Good evening everyone I do not see how to enable the tone mapping in RAW mode. In normal mode there is a special icon that one can not find in RAW mode…
  7. I manage to resolve that issue copying the master layer : the red area diseapers but I can’t move the clarity cursor
  8. Another question about sharpness in raw mode Is it possible to use the brush to sharpen a part of a photo ? When I use the overlay brush, a red area appears where I painted and then I can not remove it, even if I click down on the palette in the appropriate circle "display an overlay"
  9. Hi, Does someone know if it is possible to improve the sharpness with Affinity on a raw file ? If yes, how can one do it ? Thanks
  10. Hi everyone I have an issue with Ton Mapping. I can not move the ton cursor and the one below it. They remain stuck. What can I do?
  11. Can you tell me what is the différence between "blur/fuzzy/unsharp mask" and "high filter pass" to sharp a picture ?
  12. Thanks Alfred Must I fusion the two layers after ? I tried other ways than "overlay" but this one is the only one which seems to display a correct picture, is that normal ? (I said "hard mix" because that is the name in the french app.)
  13. Hi everyone, I'm trying to use the "high filter pass sharpening" on AP for Ipad. So I select it in the filters I go in the layers and select "hard mix"or "overlay" but the image stays grey… Thank you for advising me.
  14. By the way I can’t no more deactivate the round icon wich displays red area where one paint with the brush Have someone got the same issue ?
  15. Hi everyone On Affinity photo for Ipad in raw mode I use the brush to delimit certain areas so for example to lighten them (they become red). But now I would like to darken other areas. How can I leave the first areas that I wanted to lighten to darken others ? I tried to click down on "delete" but this close the picture !
  16. Hi Stokerg, Thanks to your reply I got it ! I did not save the picture at each time ("save a copy") in the menu with the horny page icon on the top left. I did it and so it works. So that means that one have not to forget to do it each time. There is no automatic backup with Affinity, right ?
  17. Hello everyone I selected icloud in the settings of my IPad but the Affinity Design docs are not not saved. Does anyone have an explanation ? Thanks
  18. Thank you DM1 I works on Affinity Photo and I changed the layer into a pixels layer and it works !
  19. Good evening everyone Again me witt Affinity on Ipad I can no longer select with the rectangle tool. Imposible ! Can someone tell me me why ? A small black palette appears at the bottom. I tried intersection-addition-subtract options : it does not change anything. Thanks.
  20. Thank you very much Paul I have an issue, I tried on a picture and it works well. But when I try with the picture enclosed it erase all the picture !
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