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  1. your product can be great, but only if it will not destroy raw photos... at this moment i dont know how to edit photos on ipad. lightroom on ipad does not have a CURVES OMFG.
  2. Lol, i can compare canera raw with lightroom but cant compare affinity with it right?)
  3. when I started my investigation, I didn’t know that it would all end in confrontation lightroom and affinity. but as we can see, lightroom on pc and ipad shows better results than affinity. PC AND IPAD LIGHTROOM - almost the same result. AFFINITY - very bad. so the conclusion is: 1. ipad can be used like a PRO instrument for raw editing. 2. affinity not for pro it is a marketing bubble. // for russian-speaking followers: 1. ipad можно использовать как про инструмент для редактирования raw файлов. 2. affinity как мы видим, показал ужасные результаты и является не более чем маркетинговым пузырём.
  4. - i dont know i have windows on macbook here is lightroom ipad with the same settings and zoom-in
  5. Lets do it! Look: : this photo i took from under my bed. there was really dark place. Options which i use in lightroom: TEMP: 2300 TINT: -13 EXPOSURE: +3 SHADOWS: +100 that what i see in lightroom on PC: and here is a ZOOm in screenshot: you can see that little tiny pieces of hairs on my slippers, and a lot of details. AND HERE IS WHAT I SAW ON IPAD PRO: full image with the same settings: ZOOM in pic with less shadows: A little difference, right? AFFINITY ON PC WITH THE SAME SETTINGS: i was trying to synchronize the output view of the photo and here is affinity vs lightroom on pc: RAW DOWNLOAD
  6. holy shit! affinity on ipad is a scam. i cant retouch photos on ipad lying on the couch because ipad breaks RAW photos.
  7. i dont use lightroom on ipad yet. it cost 10$ and i refuse to pay for that. i will try to crack it and replace their servers with my own and use it for free like common russian person. after that i will tell you.
  8. here is an example of photo from lightroom on PC: here is the same photo imported into Ipad pro 12.9 and opend in Affinity photo. on the both photos i have pulled up the shadows to the 100%. the question is: why affinity photo automatically applied Luminance \ noise reduction on my photo? I bought ipad pro 12.9 512GB for $ 1000 to edit photos on it. But now I understand that this is impossible. Why do you automatically apply any settings to RAW photos?
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