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  1. Tony1234

    50% Grey issue with Dodge/Burn

    I downloaded the full version of affinity 1.7 and I still encounter this problem.
  2. Tony1234

    50% Grey issue with Dodge/Burn

    I'm trying but uploading the screenshot to this chat keeps failing.
  3. Layers with an underlying grey does not work properly. High frequency for frequency separation looks fine until you place your mouse over the image which makes the grey layer appear pixel by pixel until the whole image is covered. The image is restored once I remove the mouse. Same when I fill a layer with 50% grey and put blend mode to overlay for dodge and burn. With the dodge and burn layers however, once I removed the two from the group of layers (which i called skin edits), it started working properly again.
  4. Hi. I downloaded the beta and my red-ish curve adjustment is coming out as blue when exported as a LUT and loaded. What's going on?
  5. I have made adjustment layers to make my model's skin look more red, a fill layer with a peachy tone, and an adjustment layer to make cheeks look more red. I have ordered the layers as typed from bottom to high. When I group the layers together, I have noticed that my red skin layer does not respond to turning on or off if the fill layer is turned off (as if the red skin layer doesn't exist). When the fill layer is turned on, the red skin layer can be turned on and off. I have also ungrouped the layers and the red skin layer works perfectly normal regardless of the fill layer. Is this a bug and can it be fixed?