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  1. You guys have been amazing. Thanks for all the feedback. I've been attempting to do the same but to no avail. I've seen others do this in Photoshop and everything went fast, smooth and looked great. Oh well, I'll continue practicing and familiarize with all these tools and features -- I'll get there soon.
  2. That's exactly what I wanted. Thanks! My question is: how did you identify the font? Was that just through the "Clone Brush Tool" as I had described in my first post? I tried to do what you wrote in your post but had a hard time repeating the result.
  3. Hello all, I have a question. I just recently started testing Affinity Photo and would like to know how you can copy the style of the text (without identifying font) and replace a word on the existing document. It's a scanned version of a photocopy of a document. So let's say I want to replace the word SUSPENDISSE with AFFINITY and everything else remains the same (See attached document as an example) How would do that? First I'd need to erase the word and then afterwards use the clone brush tool and find all the letters you need one by one and and paste it on top of SUSPENDISSE? Thanks in advance.
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