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  1. As I look at this further, I see that it appears to be an effect of the DPI setting, not the document type. If I set the DPI to 300 for the Web or Device type documents, I have the same problem where the Grid Spacing cannot be set above .853. At 300 DPI .853 inches equals 255.9 pixels. If I set the DPI to below 255.9 I can set my 1-inch grid.
  2. In both the Print and Web device documents I am unable to set the Grid Spacing above .853. I am using Affinity Designer on the iPad and it seems that Affinity Photo on the iPad has the same problem. I tried it on the desktop version of Affinity Designer and can set the Spacing to 2.667 inches, so it appears this is a defect in the iPad version. Since the iPad version does not have the Ruler feature, I was trying to use the Grid to show 1-inch squares divided into 1/8" squares.

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