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  1. I have a windows 10 update 1809 - x64 My Affinity Photo does not work, I did a clean installation of windows and I installed the program normally by the Microsoft Store, however when opening the program it loads completely and it opens, and it closes without any kind of report, I already tried to reinstall the program, but it did not work. Can someone help me?
  2. leandrohartmann

    Affinity Photo crash in open

    Problem solved. I formatted my computer, reinstalled the system, even though the splash screen does not load any news at least it does not close the program. Thanks to all for your help.
  3. leandrohartmann

    Affinity Photo crash in open

    Dan C and Sean P I tried everything mentioned, nothing had effect, I still have the same problem. I think the only alternative will be to format my computer with a clean install again.
  4. leandrohartmann

    Affinity Photo crash in open

    No, I do not use any external antivirus. Just the windows itself. I was seeing that in some cases the 1809 windows update blocked the internet in the applications.
  5. leandrohartmann

    Affinity Photo crash in open

    Thanks for your answers. Dan_C - Yes, I tried with the program already open behind any image, try to go to help> welcome screen, however when it opens the program closes again, I can not uncheck the box to not show the screen anymore. Even though I'm fast and click the box it does not accept the command because the program was already locked. I think if I could, it would work. V_Kyr - As it was said, it is as if the programs were blocked to access the internet to download news, then they simply lock and shut, were working well, I do not know why this happens. I do not have enough knowledge to modify the program log files to disable the welcome screen.
  6. leandrohartmann

    Affinity Photo crash in open

    First of all I thank you for your help! I do not have any of these programs installed. All Microsoft store programs work normally. I believe I have discovered the source of the problem, it is on the welcome screen. Both the affinity designer and Affinity photo close when this screen is opened to load some news, so if I open some file directly in the program it does not close and it works normally.
  7. leandrohartmann

    Affinity Photo crash in open

    I tried all two alternatives: repair and reinstall, the same thing happens, it loads and opens normally, but seconds after opening it closes instantly without showing anything. I have the Affintiy designer installed and it has the same problem. Incredibly the tip that advised me worked, if I open a photo directly the program stays open and working. What will be the problem of opening normally?

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