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  1. Hello Affinity Photo The best way forward is for your company to consult with a Colour Management specialist who will then confirm the correct setting. Regards Ron
  2. Hello QA/Support I my opinion the DPI reference needs to be removed and PPI inserted instead. I agree with some of the users of Affinity Photo, it has no place within the software package. The sooner it is removed the better. No other photo editing software that I have used contains DPI. Regards Ron
  3. Hello Affinity Photo Would you please inform me how I can change the document size from Dots per inch to Pixels per inch, as there does not appear to be a drop down box to change this setting. I do not print from my own printer, but send my photographs to a professional printing company, so it is imperative that I change this setting to PPI. Thank you in anticipation Happy New Year Ron
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