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  1. Hello Dan C, I appreciate you responding. I have actually configured various PC builds such as Dell, Alienware, Origin PC & custom PC build companies. I don't trust myself right now to build a PC . I hope you can be patient with me & answer some ?s or refer me in the right direction. I won't be gaming on my PC, it will be geared for Graphic Design. All the PC builds I've researched have Intel i5s with 6 cores, and i3s with 4. I've read both sides, that apps like Adobe Illus CC & Photoshop don't use more that 4 cores. I'm not sure how Affinity compares to AI & PS. So my ?s is, how do these Affinity's apps benefit from 2 xtra cores (4 to 6)? Another thing I noticed in Affinity Designer Youtube tutorial is that the video showed it was just using the Intel Graphics UHD 630 , but it had a gtx 1050, that was not being utilized. So my ?s are, do certain features, tools, affects in both Affinity Designer & Photo, require a dedicated gpu . Do these apps notify you when your gpu is being or should be used depending on the tool being used. Also does Affinity Designer have an auto-trace tool? Thanks
  2. I have a $1700 budget for a PC Build that will run Affinity Designer & Photo at its best. I will be designing logos, photo manipulating & illustrating art for poster prints, t-shirts, athletic wear, and displaying art on web. I'm interested in knowing what specs would allow for optimal use of all tools and features. Also considering a 24" monitor 1900 x 1080 IPS with 85&up RGB color Gamut(not included in $1700). Would appreciate recommendations for best graphics card to support monitor and software graphic capabilities. GTX 10 series or Quadro P series. If at all possible to recommend hardware I can pcpartpicker, and decide next move from there, I would appreciate it very much.
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