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  1. That's what I thought, thanks for the answer.
  2. Maybe somewhere, somehow exists a website similar to www.invisionapp.com where you can upload your .afphoto files to see the design on android phone. Invision doesn't support affinity files so I need alternatives. BTW hows the Affinity Designer maybe somebody is doing material design and can help me with this problem?
  3. Ingrid K

    Affinity ARW image problems

    With Apple raw engine after resetting the Affinity photo and the same thing is with the Sherif Labs - vignette effect Don't know why it's still with the same problem. Thank you though for your help , and if there's nothing more to do I think I will do it manually.
  4. Ingrid K

    Affinity ARW image problems

    I'm using macOS Mojave. I tried to open it again like you said, but unfortunately it's still the same. :// So I guess I just need to fix it manually, am I right?
  5. Ingrid K

    Affinity ARW image problems

    I send you few files. Thanks
  6. Ingrid K

    Affinity ARW image problems

    I'm shooting with Sony a6500 + 18-135mm lens
  7. Ingrid K

    Affinity ARW image problems

    Lens correction is enabled but when I choose Apple raw engine it opens my picture like that.
  8. I'm new with affinity photo editor and the problem is when I'm shooting with my Sony camera in RAW and trying to open my photos in preview it seems normal, but at the time I open in Affinity it looks like fisheye photo or smth (I attached photos below ). I can't find any information anywhere. Maybe someone knows what the problem is and can help me with it?:)) Thanks :)