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  1. OctavianStefanescu

    Panorama Bug

    Try sticking other photos. In my case the photos could not be sticked, I tried also with Lightroom and photoshop, but Affinity doesn’t say anything if it can’t stick them together, so I thought it was a bug
  2. OctavianStefanescu

    Panorama Bug

    Not working for me, I tried everything, restarting,rebooting, reinstalling
  3. OctavianStefanescu

    Panorama Bug

    Happy to hear that is going to be fixed
  4. OctavianStefanescu

    Panorama Bug

    Panorama feature does not work on iOS 12. After the photos are imported the program won’t stitch them together. It worked once but it was unusable slow and after that it didn’t work anymore.

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