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  1. I imported a client's PDF (52 pages) (they use "Scribus"!) and seemed to be able to do some manipulation But could not save via "file>save as" which greyed-out (as was "save") Only option seemed to be to exit and the respond "yes" to do you want to save. Which I did. The file was saved to the desktop. Later, when trying to open file got error message to say file type not recognised!
  2. Imported a client's 52 page PDF (they use Scribus!) Seemed to imort OK - after a delay - and able to d some manipulation. BUT - Could not save file via File > "Save as" option - which greyed out, as was 'Save". Thought saved via option on exit and appeared to have saved - to desktop. There is a file. But when tried to re-open got message to say 'not a recognised file type' so data lost!

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