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  1. SChristenson27

    Saved photos blurry

    Ok, so I tried Riot and I wasn't able to get a better image quality. Here is a file I am trying to use as the background of my website. I went in, and re-edited the file from the scan, used a different profile for exporting, and when I reopened it in Affinity to check the quality, it looked great zoomed in. Then, I place it in the appropriate file size for the Wix background. It fit well, and did not have to expand the image at all. Before I saved it, I zoomed in and it was pixelated, and looked bad. Here is the screenshot, and as you can see it looks blurry. If anyone has any further advice, please let me know. Thanks!
  2. SChristenson27

    Saved photos blurry

    Yes, the images do look fine when I upload them into Affinity, I can zoom in and they are completely clear. I have uploaded my original scan file, and the file saved from Affinity to compare the 2, and there is a big difference in quality. The websites I’m uploading to are mainly Wix and Facebook.
  3. Hello, After a little search, I found that others have had issues getting clear images after saving a finished product in Affinity. I am not great with computers, and I bought Affinity because it looked simple enough to use and the one time payment vs subscription works well for me. Overall, I have been happy with using Affinity, except that my images turn out fuzzy. I am an illustrator (pen and paper) and after scanning my images, I upload them to make sure everything looks good, and save a large file for prints, and a smaller one for the web. All is well, except when I upload them, they are not as crisp and clear as they are in the program, or when I look at my scan file. Is there an easy way to combat this? I would really appreciate any suggestions. Thank you.

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