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  1. thanks anyway ! There are really a lot of hiccups affinity should deal with.
  2. yeah it seems to work like that but my question is how to solve this? I just wanna a fixed shortcut
  3. it is not convenient to modify shortcuts in designer(Pixel Persona). I wanted to set B as only the shortcut of brush but even if I deleted the pixel tool shortcut which was B also when I press B it still switched from brush to pixel tool. I can't remember how I made it B as the only shortcut of brush but new problem came which is when I press B it switched between brush and zoom tool. what happened?
  4. Hi thanks. what I used was pixel persona. the soft brush was still hard compared to other painting softwares. I assume this is also something needs to be improved? or a bug?
  5. I just tried affinity designer today and very disappointed by its brush. First it has no "soft" brush. Even if I set the hardness to zero it's still hard compared other software say ps. it got harder when I toggled on the accumulation pressure. Second, I found the pressure level is not high enough. The stroke I created in ps has a smoother gradients. The stroke had 80 levels of black and white but the stroke in affinity had only 60 so to speak. Did I miss some setting? how to solve these problems?