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  1. Finally I found other people with the same issue! Did any one managed to solve this? 1.7 is out and the bug persists. I attached a screenshot I took, and here is the link of my post reporting the problem: This is extremely annoying...
  2. Hi, The new version for iPad is out and it absolutely didn’t fix the bug I have. Seems it even got worse... Is there a way I can report a bug? Is there something I can do? Thanks
  3. Hi, A few months have passed already since I reported this bug. Now, after uninstalling and reinstalling the app, resetting all the parameters, the bug persists... It is very unusual I couldn’t read about anyone else reporting the same issue, it seems absurd I am the only user that encountered this problem. The software is up to date and the iPad I am using is the 2017 iPad Pro... Is there anything else I can do? Thank you.
  4. Except deleting and reinstalling the app I did everything and nothing worked. I do think it might be the only thing that could work, but since I am currently working on a big project and I don’t want anything funny to happen with my files, I will try to do it once I finish it and update later. If it won’t work I will report a bug. As for the brush edges, its simply the hardness. But I tried doing it with sharp edges and it didn’t work either. Thank you for your help! I’ll update soon.
  5. Well, I guess I’ve been cursed with a personal bug.. In the following video I start a new project, reset parameters to default, assign a brush to the clone tool, and clone some pixels. The results haven’t changed a bit.... BA270205-0DDE-4A14-A39C-BB507C638DF9.MP4
  6. There is no way I can change this.... In the attached video i am starting a new project, and without touching any parameters I clone a pixeled scribble that looks obviously different when cloned... I don’t know what to do... 8AE90DE5-BCA8-4BB2-BA94-F7924A1C23A4.MP4
  7. I added the project right below the image
  8. Notice the pixels position and opacity of the upper bit of the original circle (bottom) and the same cloned bit (top). They are not the same...
  9. Hi, When using the clone brush, the cloned bit doesn’t end up corresponding exactly to the original bit... It is extremely annoying as it makes the overall cloned bit much smoother. As you can see on the attached image, regardless to the hardness of the brush the results are both disappointing. Both were made with opacity at 100% . Any ideas how to solve this? Thank you.