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  1. Hello, I don't know why But I am unable to crop , every time I press on the tool it rotates it . pls help
  2. It says Cannot Update App and then Affinity Photo cannot be updated because it was refunded or purchased with a different Apple ID
  3. Hello, It does not let me update the Affinity? Thanks
  4. @firstdefence thanks , but regarding the right guys shoulder it seems as if they were taken away, as well as the light on his face, and around his hair something seems too puffy too blurry on the sides. it does not look blended in correctly if you can please fix that I would really appreciate it.
  5. And about the left guy does he fit in well into the picture . Thanks
  6. In regards to the lighting of the right guys face, is there anything you can do. Thanks
  7. Is there anything you can to try to help. Thanks
  8. @firstdefence is it possible for you to send me an update copy with a smile . Also is there anything we can do with the right person. As well as the top right guys hair at the top back needs to be cut off because it does not look straight . Thanks
  9. It won't let me update my affinity so please send it via another way that I am still able to edit. Thanks
  10. It does not let me open up the download it says "The file version is not supported by this version of Affinity." so if you can please try to send it in another way. Thanks
  11. I have provided the photo let me know what you can do. Thanks PHOTO-2020-02-26-23-29-00.afphoto
  12. I have a photo that I tried inserting two people on the side into the family picture but as you can tell it does not look natural and if there’s anything I can do to blend them in to look normal PHOTO-2020-02-26-23-29-00.pdf
  13. Hello I have a picture that I want to change the face of but really just the mouth . I don’t like the smile it’s showing is there any way that can be changed . Thanks
  14. Hello how do you copy the pieces ? What tool is used ? @Palatino
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