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  1. What I was trying to do is create an image in different grey shades, and then apply color afterward using one layer with a color of my choosing, which then leaves me with shades of that color and its complement. What I found however was that for the edges where the two complementary colors hit, I get a very ugly white line, similar to when I put two rectangles next to each other without joining them, this also is really prominent in the file output and gets worse the lower the resolution is, so I'd suspect it's an AA bug. The most prominent it is with a white object on top of a black object, and then another object with the blend mode set to negate and saturation of around 35 and luminosity around 50. This issue not only occurs on PC, but also on my iPad. I tested both the current version of Designer as well as the latest beta. This issue also appears in Affinity Photo, but only in some cases, most prominently with any shape drawn with the pen tool. Also the exact same issue occurs with the difference blend mode, it's just that I get black lines instead of white. WhiteLines.afdesign
  2. Ok, so I have really been enjoying using Affinity Designer for creating images. I still believe that it is the best you can get right now. However, with using it more and more, I notice that there are certain situations where I get to a point, where I see the limits. The attached image is a perfect example for that. The issue here is, that both the grid and the sun pattern are all placed by hand. Thus they either take very long and/or have imperfections. What I would love to see is some sort of scripting functionality, so that I can let the computer generate these patterns for me. That would also allow me to animate or generate frames for some graphics. So when we would take the sun as an example, I would have used a pattern, where the subtracted lines are getting taller towards the bottom, and the visible lines also getting taller at a different ratio. When I would solve that by using variables, I could generate animated lines by simply changing the variables. More important even would be to generate that grid at the bottom. Currently, I had to manually place all lines, and while the vertical lines should be perfect, they still took extremely long to make. The horizontal lines are only approximated by visuals, and sometimes look weird because of that. I even thought about making myself a simple script to generate an svg that I then can use... The results will just be cached. In that, you would be able to access all features of Affinity Designer via code. To give you a sense of what I would imagine, this is what I would write to script the grid. It is kinda C-ish, but I just used {} do declare an Array.: //Script for Rectangle 4 Fill int vertLinesCount = 100; float linesWidth = 5.0; float yPos = 0.0; float horizontalLinesDist = 20.0; float hLineHeight = 5.0; float xVanishingPoint = Image.Width() / 2; float yVanishingPoint = Image.Height() / 3 * 2; void rectangle4() { //Generate a set of Trinagles as the vertical Lines for (int i = 0; i < vertLinesCount; i++) { addPolygon({{Image.Width() / vertLinesCount * i, 0}, {Image.Width() / vertLinesCount * i + linesWidth, 0}, {xVanishingPoint, yVanishingPoint}}); } //Generate a set of rectangles as the horizontal lines for (horizontalLinesDist; horizontalLinesDist < 0.01; horizontalLinesDist = horizontalLinesDist / 1.1) { addPolygon({{0.0, yPos}, {Image.Width(), yPos}, {Image.Width(), yPos + hLineHeight}, {0.0, yPos.hLineHeight}}); yPos += horizontalLinesDist; } } Please note, it is not fully thought through, just to give you a concrete example of what would be possible with that. With a bit of tinkering, you could get the grid to be able to be animated as moving towards you or away from you. Seriously, With that, Affinity Designer could possibly get the most advanced Vector Drawing and Animation Tool ever. Please feel free if you have any questions, I also have a lot more ideas for that and also I can give very concrete suggestions for implementation. About me: I am an 18 Years old computer science student living in Germany, I have a good amount of experience in Java, Kotlin and C/C++, some in C#. So I should have quite good knowledge of what limitations one can face when implementing such features.
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