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  1. When starting Publisher the splash screen has a sample option on the right hand side. When clicked there is an option to download an "Affinity Brochure". Clicking on the icon to download it shows the following: This screen needs to have a progress bar or something to indicate that it is actually doing something. I was confused by it showing the red cross. I thought it was saying that it was not available. It needs a pop up as well when click saying "Download Sample" or "Cancel Download" The only reason that I gave it the time to download was that I was filling out this post and it managed to complete download it in the background. As an aside, it also needs to have something about not being able to save the document... That is also confusing as hell given that when you close it you are asked to save your changes yet they are not then when reopening it... (perhaps a disclaimer / instruction page as the first page).

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