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  1. I know such a tool from other graphics programs and use it quite often to create very special effects. It would be nice if this tool was also available in Designer.
  2. It's nice that you can also assign other contours and surfaces to objects with the display window. Unfortunately this does not work with editable texts. Here I would be able to use these possibilities also for texts. At the moment I have to convert my texts into objects to be able to use these functions. But because of this I don't have the possibility to change the text afterwards and have to start from scratch again. In addition, I would also include the effects in this window, so that I can apply the effects to the surfaces and contours separately.
  3. Hello, affinity team, here is an update of my wish list for improvements and desirable features in Designer: 1. extend the display function: At the moment the possibility of multiple surfaces and contours can only be applied to objects and unfortunately not to editable texts. 2. I would like to be able to apply the layer effects to contours and surfaces separately. 3. adjustment tool: To create transitions between two connected objects, which in turn are created along an editable path. 4. shape creation tool (Pathfinder tool) 5. forum grid: To be able to adapt cre
  4. Now that I've worked with Adobe programs for over twenty years and have been looking for an alternative, I naturally notice a lot of advantages but also disadvantages. And in addition, I also talk to other people in my professional environment about the programs to which I recommended the programs and teach them how to work with them. Then questions arise, why these things do not work as you are used to. Above all, users who actually only want to use one or two of the programs have been left behind, not being able to use all the important functions because they do not have the other program
  5. Good Morning, Well, that it is not possible to connect text frames with each other, I find it bad, as well as other graphic designers. But I find it even worse that too long a text cannot be covered by reducing the frame height. Even if I own all Affinity products, I only work in image and graphic programs and only a little with layout programs. Other graphic designers, whom I know, only work exclusively in graphic programs, since they mostly create illustrations and occasionally have to include texts. It is therefore also important that a large part of the functions for word processing an
  6. Well, unfortunately I can no longer understand it because I no longer have the old versions. If it really was, I would be happy if this would also work in Designer, since I do not design for every product in Publisher. I often create advertising banners for the web and other products only with designers and use quantity text there because it is requested by the customer and they then want to have everything handed out as graphic files, which they can then open and edit in Illustrator or Corel. I often recommend Affinity products because I really like these programs. But some also do not wan
  7. Have found that when changing the text frame size, the height of the text inside does not adjust and remains visible. Problem has only occurred since version 1.8. Before that, it worked and was given an overflow character to allow the text to be run through a link in another frame.
  8. When I use the Split function to split several overlapping objects to obtain individual elements, I not only get the desired elements, but also countless contour elements that I don't need, but also because of this, I don't get exactly adjacent elements. If I remove all unnecessary contour elements, I have unwanted gaps between the other elements. This needs to be improved urgently to avoid unwanted elements. I already mentioned this problem a long time ago, but so far this problem would not be solved.
  9. Good Morning, Unfortunately, I noticed that if I have a text with excess length, it runs out of the text frame at the bottom instead of being hidden at the bottom and marked with an overflow character, so that it can then be continued with a frame chain in another frame . Even if I use the placeholder text, I have the problem when I reduce the height of the frame.
  10. Hello, affinity team, I have a few wishes and suggestions for the designer. I would like to have a tool that allows me to quickly select all objects with the same appearance (color area, contours and effects) with one click, so that I can change all of them at the same time. I would also like to have the possibility to change colors and gradients that I have stored in the color palette and at the same time all objects that I have assigned this color to will change automatically. So I would like to be able to create the shape creation tool that existed in Illustrator and at tha
  11. Thank you for the answers. I would also like to have the warning for overexposure and underexposure in Photo Persona, so that I can set my measuring points so that I can correct the different color casts in depths, midtones and highlights, so that the image is absolutely neutral in color. I mostly use color balance and tonal value correction.
  12. Hello Affinity Team, I have a few suggestions of functions and improvements that I would like to use in Affinity Photo to be able to do my work even faster and better. 1. I would like to be able to save several work surfaces. 2. With the pipette, I would like to be able to choose the size of the recording area (1, 3, 5, 9 or 11 pixels). 3. I lack the possibility of warning about overexposure and underexposure. 4. I am missing the three individually adjustable pipettes in the tonal value correction and gradation curve, with which I can determine my lightest, medium and deepest hue. I
  13. Picture 1. Line created Picture 2. Line styles on textured brush Picture 3. Linienstyle put back Picture 4. Window for brush pressure opened and set new point. The line changes again to the structure brush. Picture 5. Only after I have created a new line, I can use the curve for the brush pressure, without the structure brush appears.
  14. Hi, I have a problem when I change styles between the lines and then want to create a new brush-print curve. I first made a normal solid line, then switched to the texture brush to pick different lines for the design. Because I had not found a suitable texture brush, I switched back to the solid lines and wanted to create a new line style with the brush pressure. But at this moment the line changes back to the last texture brush. I have not succeeded in maintaining the line style I have chosen, and the line weight can no longer be adjusted. So I had to draw a new line to use strength and press
  15. In der Werkzeugleiste kann ich die Schriften auswählen, wenn ich das Textwerkzeug verwende. Das funktioniert bei mir. Um schneller die Textformatierungen zu ändern, nutze ich Absatz- bzw. Zeichenstile. Doch wenn ich diese Stile abändern möchte, vorallem die Schriftart wechseln möchte, lässt sich der Reiter zwar anklicken und er bekommt eine Umrandung, aber dann passiert nichts mehr. Keine Auflistung meiner Schriften und keine Reaktion bei sonstigen Befehlen mehr; egal was ich anklicke. Muss das Programm dann über den Task-Manager beenden und neu starten, um wieder arbeiten zu können.
  16. Hallo, habe das Problem, dass Publisher nicht mehr reagiert, wenn ich in den Textstilen eine andere Schriftart auswählen möchte. Egal ob im Absatzstil, Zeichenstil oder Gruppenstil. Sobald ich also auf den Reiter der Schriftart klicke funktioniert nichts mehr. Das muss unbedingt behoben werden.
  17. Hello Affinity Team, would it be possible to integrate the following functions? These are very helpful for me and important in the design. 1. footnotes and endnotes 2. Seperation preview (to control the colourfulness) 3. Generator for QR (in PagePlus possible) and bar codes 4. Convert selected texts to table and back 5. Open and export Indesign files 6. Placing graphics and images with special colors (also called true colors) These are currently being converted easily, which does not happen. Have a lot of images and graphics from other programs, which I wan
  18. I have loads of graphics and images created with true colors (Pantone and HKS). When I import these, they are converted to CMYK. This must be remedied absolutely. Even when opening PDF files with true colors, they are changed. That can not happen. I will attach a few files with true colors, which I have used for testing. When exporting to PDF and EPS, lines and contours that I have assigned with effects or gradients are suddenly converted into graphics. This too needs to be fixed, as lines and contours should remain. A tool for creating barcodes and QR codes would be good, since I need
  19. I would like to have these improvements and additional features: Tables: 1. Create tables from selected texts with tab stops. 2. Convert tables to continuous text. 3. Can share single cells at any time. (Helpful for complex tables and subsequent cell division changes) 4. Can change cell size by moving the dividing lines. Import (placing) of further text files: Word .docx, .doc Excel .xlsx, .xls The copying and pasting of the texts is only possible if you have a program with which you can open these files. Diagram tool (was there in PagePlus) Calendar tool (give it in PagePlus) Create QR co
  20. I would like more tools for better and faster design: 1. A deformation tool / grid to bend objects and texts. 2. The shapebuilder just like in DrawPlus only much better to create shapes from overlays. In DrawPlus, the tool was very immature and could not create the shape clean. 3. When running the Divide tool I get a lot of small elements, which are located between the larger surfaces, as if I had additional contours. This must be fixed, otherwise I can no longer put the aufgeteilen element clean to a surface. 4. A tool that allows me to automatically transfer the properties of an obje
  21. In PagePlus, Publish Setup gave you the option of entering row and column delimiter lines to create a layout grid. This is a very important feature for me because I use it very often to make it easier for me to place my objects. Of course I can use guidelines to create this grid, but it is much more expensive and costs me a lot of time, especially if I have to change it on several master sites at the same time. I ask you to reinsert this feature in Affinity Publisher as well.
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