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  1. I have selected adobe 1998 as the colorspace in my SonyRX10M4 which is also set to give me raw data .ARW files. When I import them as a batch job to Affinity for processing into .tif files and then save them back to the original folder the colorspace changes to the, less desirable, sRGB 1996 colorspace. I can't find any way of making sure that the colorspace I chose in my camera remains the same the saved .tif file after Affinity has processed it. HELP
  2. Forgive me if I have missed the appropriate video, but it seems that if this amazing product wants to be a competitive option for professional photographers, the following problem will need to be addressed very early in the start up tutorials (if it hasn't already): I've watched your tutorials until I am brain numb and I cannot find any window that (like Adobe Bridge) has a decent thumbnail image strip and large window to view each selected individual image full size so you can see if it's worth any additional effort. It would be also fabulous if the window adjustments could include excellent defringeing, chromatic aberration controls, and be able to exported as a PSD file. I shoot thousands of images and to even start a workflow, I need to be able to see what I've taken en masse and then separate them into different folders for either batch of single image processing. In this query I really hope I have just overlooked something you've already done well. So post the video URL showing that you have this already covered and MAKE MY DAY. Thank you
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