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  1. Thanks for letting me know, Callum! and for your lead, Alfred! IS there a Shopping Cart for WebPlus X7? I didn't see one. My food business has all-but-disappeared and I no longer have the funds to upgrade WebPlus (*Now*, you can show me how you created those letters in your display name.... Cool!) I thought Affinity was a WebPlus change-over b/c of the notices I was getting. Sorry.... I appreciate the time you both took! --Bruce
  2. I've been using WebPlus for *many* years (currently X7). I've been rebuilding my site, internet-grocer.com, with it, but have been advised that it's too 'dated'. So, I was considering leaving Serif and moving to WordPress (which has a lot of useful plugins, including a shopping cart). I'd *RATHER* not have to re-learn a website building tool, and am *hoping* there is a way to import WebPlus into Affinity without losing all my work. If so, is there a Shopping Cart available? Plus, is there a Trial Version in which I can see if it's worth learning Affinity? Thanks!