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  1. Sample image attached Since i use the "export > share > save image" option 90% of my time, it would be really nice to have the option to add this "tool" to the main toolbar. Ofc even better, if you could add specific tools and options to the toolbar, like the sample image i made. I thought i would be able to do that now since there are keyboard shortcuts available, but sadly there are obviously options missing that could improve my workflow a lot! either way, adding those custom tools, improving the shortcut options (adding custom shortcuts to custom tools/options), or adding a "actions" setting like in photoshop would resolve this problem of automating workflow even more. anyway, thx a lot for this amazing product!!!! cheers!
  2. i often paste text from outside sources into AP, Sometimes as new text and sometimes into existing text boxes i already wrote down in AP.. it changes the pasted text into other fonts and sizes (based on the source text i think),so i have to change the font and size and spacing etc all the time.. so it would be very helpful to have the option to choose if i want to reformat everything or not when i paste text, especially if i paste into existing text, so i dont have to adopt the new text every single time i paste new things into it. also the pasted text is alway with a white background i hardly get rid of Its a bit hard for me to explain, since my english is not the best, but hopefully my point is clear.. if not, let me know i try to explain it better, somehow...
  3. Since i do very often some repetitive work where i type also a lot of repetitive words, i already made myself a big list of shortcuts in the iOS ”text replacement” options.. it would be great to integrate all those shortcuts in the AP app for iOS.. so, no new option in AP settings, just to connect the native iOS shortcuts to AP, so AP uses them as well.. and i guess it would be nice also for AD to have the same option (not sure if it already has, i use the app rarely)
  4. This one is a bit hard to explain for me.. but while using the onscreen virtual keyboard in AP, and if i slide from the side to open another window, the keyboard disappears, but i still can type on it. I uploaded my screenrecording of this bug. If i first open another small window (sliding from the right), and then choose the type tool, everything is fine, so the bug appears only if i type first, and then slide from the right and opening so a small window. 94F25A88-F838-4145-BD35-B54CC4A4808E.MOV
  5. Sometimes (aprox. 20% of the time) i cant choose a tool from the toolbar, its mostly the type tool, but i use it the most so i am not sure if it happens with all the other tools too. Anyway, i simply cant choose the tool, it just stays at the given tool i was before. To solve this, i have to close the project (no need to close the whole app), then i just reopen the same project and everything works normally. I attached my screenrecord of this issue on my ipad pro. CA1FEAC6-90E6-4748-AE5D-1ABA8736B5F7.MOV
  6. It would be great to have a “replace file” option for layers, where you could choose from where you want to get your new file (local or cloud storage). And the new file would be the same size as the old replaced image (like, its placed in a container with the same size as the previous file), and it would be placed in the same place so you dont have to transform and realign the new one again. Its a simple but very powerful and useful tool in PS. hope to see this option soon, since it does not sound to complicated best regards everyone
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