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  1. Jaco said: "If Affinity is not going to be able to open PPP files, I will surely not invest one single cent in any Serif/Affinity products anymore. Out of Principle. They woke up one day and let all their years long clients now we will not support you anymore because we set ourselves some new horizons. Bye! And that was it." I totally agree. I have bought many times over the years all the Serif products and use DesignPlus and PagePus on a weekly basis and MoviePlus probably once a month... In both my main business (Publishing) and my work/hobby (Teaching martial arts). Without an import from PagePlus to the new program, I will not be a customer - There are other alternatives and if I have to go through a new learning curve anyway, I will go elsewheres. It seems a real shame that Serif have stopped supporting loyal customers.

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