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  1. Thanks Walt and Lagarto, YES the problem was the U-position which was set at zero, resetting it at -100 solved the problem. I learned that Unicode 005F does not determine the underlining position used by a publishing program. I didn't test it but it seems that most fonts do support 005F. Andredu
  2. OK I see your point, « underlining is not directly related to the underscore » I used the underlining functions from Pages and same in Publisher. But then if it's not related to a font's underscore glyph metric, how can I set it to a lower position in Publisher ? Why is it different in Pages ? Thanks
  3. Hello Lagarto, the font is a custom font created with FontLab 7 (v 7.1.0 latest version) I'm attaching a screen grab of the underscore glyph, as you can see it is positioned at -145. I'm attaching a screen grab from Publisher and another one from Pages. Thanks, Andredu
  4. Publisher draws the underline right under baseline zero (0) of the characters yet my metrics has positioned the underline at (minus) -145, is this a bug ? Pages places the underline correctly. Thanks, Andredu
  5. Tagging is one way of doing things but marking is more to the point. I can also temporarily capitalize or underline text to draw attention but a bright yellow marker is best.
  6. This may be asking for much but being able to Comment and Markup a text would be very nice. Markup would satisfy me. Any Comments ? Thanks, Andre
  7. Reflowing a text after modifying a page size is **intuitive** in Illustrator: 1) set new margins, 2) select the text box, 3) resize text box to match the margins and voilà! No need to read a book. Functions that are not intuitive should be described in a User Manual. Is there one in the making ? Thanks
  8. Good morning Mac, Does that mean that font embedding is not supported by Publisher or that it does support it somewhat but not correctly ? Thanks
  9. Good advice Walt, I know that I can trust PDF to respect a font as designed by its creator. The publishing industry and printers relie heavily on PDF documents and Pages documents are easily converted to PDF. My comment about Publisher not being able to read Pages files was not a good one as pointed out by Mac, I have to look deeper into Publisher's vocation and how I can use it in my work. Thanks
  10. Not a big problem. Publisher could be the super type-setting-oriented-word-processor that I'm looking for, one that would take FontLab's Text tool a step further. Publisher as an InDesign alternative for the publishing business is improbable, at least not in the foreseeable future.
  11. I note that Publisher will not open documents from "Pages for Mac", is there a reason for that ? I know that Pages documents can be converted to a PDF and then Publisher will open them, Copy and Paste will also work, but those detours are very inconvenient. Thanks
  12. Hi Walt I agree and hyphenation is working fine now. Thanks, Andre
  13. Hi, Hyphenation not working. I'm on a Mac running El Capitan. Lots of experience in Illustrator. Thanks for any suggestion, Andre
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