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  1. The "arrow tool" is mentioned in the Help pages but I can not find it anywhere.
  2. mcdonald386

    Arrow Tool

    I thought I was drawing a vertical arrow but now I know better, I have just tried it again and when you click and drag vertically you get nothing. When you drag up slightly off the vertical you get the shape on the right which I thought was the strange arrow. I clicked the right hand handle and dragged it right and got the diamond shape. I dragged it further and got the horizontal arrow. I got the shape on the right by selecting it and dragging the rotation handle. I do think vertical arrows should be easier to create than this. Arrows.afdesign
  3. mcdonald386

    Arrow Tool

    Thank you. I see it now. It creates excellent horizontal arrows but funny vertical ones. The vertical arrows seem to narrow at both ends. Is this normal? What I can do is create a horizontal arrow and then rotate it by 90 degrees.
  4. In Pageplus it was possible to create a master page with 2 (or more columns). Text frames could then be sized to the columns or across them. I don't think this is possible in Publisher. McDpnald386
  5. mcdonald386

    Page Columns

    Thank you for these suggestions - very helpful.
  6. In Pageplus it was possible to use "Publication Setup" to determine the initial page conditions and this included number of columns. Is this possible in Affinity Publisher?