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  1. @moksha Yup pretty much. You can do it with geometry, but I think you’ll get a more exact copy with pen. Depending on the intention of the designer, perfect circles are usually optically adjusted and slightly squished like in the reference image you linked or like the O’s in geometric fonts. Either way all options mentioned here are good for learning some of AD’s tools.
  2. @moksha Maybe something like this? here's a file for you to look at logo.afdesign I guess the problem with it is that you want to do it geometrically, but the reference image isn't. To get those type of curves and squished ellipse shape I say you have to do the curves by eye.
  3. Thank for the replies. @R C-R I don't mind the curve being open or closed. The main problem is the node change on close. I would like to retain the shape of my curve as much as possible when overlapping. My current workaround right now: 1. Close the curve 2. Alt click smooth node handle to convert it to sharp 3a. Delete sharp node that you want to move 3b. Move sharp node to the previously smoothed node (if sharp node has a handle) Maybe there's an easier/faster way to do this I don't know of? @Dan C I'll be waiting for that feature! Thanks!
  4. I have an open curve with a sharp end point and a smooth end point. I want overlap them without closing, but it closes the curve automatically. Thus, changing the handles of the node (because it has to covert it to either sharp or smooth after closing). Is there a way to disable auto closing of the curve on node overlap?
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