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  1. Hello, I have a problem with a pdf with embedded fonts, exported in Affinity Designer. When i open the pdf in Adobe Acrobat Pro and try to edit the text, I get the message that the original font is not available or can not be used for editing. The pdf is attached. In the properties window in Acrobat, the fonts are shown as embedded. I deactivated "subset fonts". The font is from Adobe Fonts. When I try the same with exporting a pdf from InDesign, it is working fine. Thanks in advance! Fonts not working in Acrobat.pdf
  2. I need a vector file with embedded font. What are the alternatives to pdf?
  3. Are you working on Windows or Mac? On Mac, I don`t have this toolbar with "T" and "A". What's even more confusing, even if I analyse the pdf with preflight, I don't get any errors (It's in german). But there is mentioned "Font with differences from Basic Fontset", what does that mean?
  4. Thanks for your reply. I tried "Save as PDF", "Save as Postscript" and "Save as Adobe PDF" from the print menu, all with the same result. I don`t think it has anything to do with subsetted font, because I didn`t activate "Subset Fonts", and if the fonts would be subsetted, that would be showed in the properties in Acrobat. Here the properties of an subsetted PDF:
  5. My client needs the pdfs today, so it would be great if anyone could help me here. Thanks in advance!
  6. castorpollux285

    Variable for Color Space of Document

    Thanks for your reply, but I´m not sure that this is what I need. I´d like to have the possibility to add "RGB,CMYK,..." etc. automatically, depending on the color space of the document. Then I can use the same export specification for every document.
  7. Hello, it would be great to have a variable for the color space (RGB, CMYK, etc.) of the document for creating the name of a file and the path where it is saved. That would be useful for example for exporting logos in various color spaces, for print, web, etc...
  8. castorpollux285

    Create Export Specification

    Ok, thank you!
  9. Hello, is it possible in the Export Persona in Affinity Designer to create my own export specifications (in german: "Exportvorgaben")? Attached is a screenshot of the existing export specifications. Thanks in advance!
  10. castorpollux285

    [AD] Selection marquee tool problem in Affinity Designer

    Yes, that was the problem, now it's working fine. Thanks for your help!
  11. Hello, when I try to make a selection with the selection marquee tool, objects get selected that are not inside the marquee tool. They get selected even when the marquee tool is only close to the object. Attached is a screenshot with an object selected, although the marquee tool does not touch it.
  12. castorpollux285

    [AD] Selection marquee tool problem in Affinity Designer

    I'm using a Mac. When I create a new document, the problem does not occur. But when I paste this object in a new document, the problem occurs. Attached is a document where the problem occurs. Selection marquee tool.afdesign