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  1. Dear Serif Ltd, My name is Jonathan Kolomoni and I am a 29 year old, Belgian, All-round Creative. I love the fact that you've created a software that is accessible to so many other creatives around the world. I send you much appreciation for that. On the other hand I would love to give you an advice on a feature you may add to one of your future updates: Affinity Designer; Could you allow vector drawing shapes or paths to be having a different selection-colour when selecting the drawn shape? That would be awesome. I happen to be quite limited to my colouring cause I always draw all my shapes before I colour-fill them individually. Affinity Video (Proposition); - Could you guys create a software that would allow us to edit video with the vector shapes or paths drawn into Affinity Designer? - Could you guys also create a feature than enables Rotoscoping existing images and video in order to animate captured video fragments into some sort of vector or cartoon-style? I’m not a programmer myself, but I think you guys would definitely be able to develop these ideas and would be able to use them into your advantage. Please let me know if you're considering this mail. I’d love to know what you guys think!
  2. Hi guys!I hope all is well on your end.I actually just purchased affinity designer & photo and I already have a good workflow!I really like it a lot!But there’s a thing that just kind of staggered me: I’m not able to work with my psd mock-ups the way I’d wish.I’ve done some researches too, but it comes down to the fact that I need to adjust my image into the mockup.Which isn’t bad if you have simple mock-ups. But it’s quite complex when it comes to more advanced shapes.I feel like mock-ups are important somehow to make graphic work stand out more.Could you please bring an update soon with more ‘affinity’ to psd mock-ups please?That would be awesome!Thanks in advance,Jonathan KolomoniRetroness D
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