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  1. I know that I can do it with text, but is it also possible to do it with shapes? I'd like the black circle to be duplicated along the edge of the dark pink circle. Thanks for your time, and I hope you have a nice day~
  2. Oh! I didn't even think to check. I didn't really know what it did. ehehh... sorry!!! That fixed it! It was 256.039114 px so I guess that's why!
  3. It was 1 to begin with, and I moved it up to 6. It's still occurring. =/
  4. I just tried it, and unfortunately that didn't solve the issue. T~T
  5. Hello! So I'm fairly certain this is an issue since visually everything looks correct! The issue is that when I use an artboard, and export via the artboard; it adds 1 additional pixel. (So for example 256x256 becomes 256x257.) Here are some screenshots. This is of the transform for the Artboard . This is what it exports at. To temporarily fix the issue; you can either unlock the image, and export at 256x256 manually (A major pain since you have to do that every time you update, and it also means you can't autoexport) OR you can just create an image as a 'background' to the artboard, and snap that to each edge which will allow you to auto-export at the correct sizing! If there's an easier way to fix this issue I'd really, really appreciate it!! I hope you all have a nice day, and thank you for reading this. Oh, and P.S. The reason why this is a major issue is because as a game developer every texture I make needs to be a power of 2. (16/32/64/128/256/etc) Which means that every time I want to make a seamless texture; this will be an issue I have to fix.
  6. Thank you very much! That solved my problem with only minimal cleanup~
  7. Heyo! Here's a video of the issue. https://streamable.com/cmscq It should be clipping inside of the Stroke instead of the transparent fill. A simple solution would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for reading!
  8. The canvas isn't the size of my UVs though, and the slice will need to fit to the four corners of the UVs. Why isn't there a way to make the slice generated based off of the layer global? Sort of like when you export with the option, "selection with background" selected.
  9. Am I able to make the global slice automatically snap to the background layer? I'd prefer not to have to do it manually just because the way with which UVs work; is that they kind of need to be pixel perfect; otherwise stuff will go wrong. (I was previously selecting the layer, and then just hitting create slice, but that doesn't create the global slice for me; just the layer slice.)
  10. Well to my understanding; if I create slices for each layer; it'll export each layer individually; meaning I'd have to manually combine them, and their sizing would all be different so there wouldn't be the precision that I need? I could be wrong though! The slice is from the "background". (The slice made upon creating the document by opening a .png) https://streamable.com/1gf1c That's the simplified gist of my workflow. In text my workflow is the following: 1. Open the .png of the "UV" (This is how I know where to texture.) 2. Go to the Export Persona, and select where to export to, and then I choose to continually export that way I can reload my texture in Realtime using my 3D Modeling Program. 3. I go to my 3D Modelling Program, and refresh the texture inside of the program every time I make a change. That's pretty much it, and it works great! However the issue comes whenever I want to swap out the "UV", or if I resize something to not fit to the borders of the page. Using the example above as a good workflow; here's another video of what happens if I try to resize the image inside of Affinity Designer, or choose the "UV" (The "UV" in this case is called Example in the layers panel) to dictate where my slice should go. https://streamable.com/rx5zk So to give you a rundown here of what went wrong, and what I wanted to happen... What went wrong was that upon scaling the images; the slice generated upon document creation didn't scale along with the image I was scaling. Meaning that the textures weren't going where they were supposed to. If I tried to correct this by making a new slice; it would only export the background; not everything above the background. This is an issue because then only the "UV" is being exported. None of the colors, or textures. Hopefully that clarified the issue, and you'll know a solution! TL;DR: I need a way to make a slice that will export everything visible inside of that slice.
  11. Hello! I'm a game designer, and I generally use Affinity Designer as my main method of texturing; however I've noticed that sometimes I either need to reimport an image, or I need to bring a new image in entirely to help with the texturing process of a 3D Model. To make this process seamless; I automatically export using slices! However whenever I make new slices; I'm unable to export everything in the new slice. For example this: Will become just this: This is because I'm using the bottom image to slice out the exact measurements of the image that I need, but it's only exporting the select; not the selection with the background. How do I change that? Thank you very much for reading this, and I hope you have a nice day!
  12. Hello! I recently converted from Inkscape, and I've been LOVING Affinity Designer so far, but there's one thing I'd really like to get some info on, and that's one click exports! See in Inkscape there's this nifty little tool where you can quickslot features. One of them being Exporting! Here's an example. So how this works is that all I gotta do is press "Selection", and then Choose my Export Location & File Name, and then Hit Export. Then whenever I choose to select that object again; those settings will be saved, and all I have to do is his "Export" again. So think of it as a one-time setup to allow me the ability of hitting Export over, and over again if I so chose to. This is EXTREMELY useful to me as along side being a 2D Artist; I'm also a texture artist for game development; which means that there's a lot of back-and-forth between my texturing program, and my 3d modeling program. (Exporting the Image, and then refreshing the image in the modeling program, and then going back into my texturing program and making edits, and then repeating the process until I'm happy with the result.) HOWEVER! As it currently is in AD my process is quite lengthy! I have to hit the export hotkey, and then change the settings in this window To correctly match the things I need. (Because often I work in one main document, and then save that out to another document after I'm finished I also have to change the Area from Whole Document to Selection With Background.) And then I need to select where to export it to over, and over, and over again. This results in a pretty huge time loss in workflow. So in summary; I'm looking to figure out how to create a setup similar to the one referenced in the picture of Inkscape, and if I can't do that; do you think there's any way that if I suggested this it would be added relatively soon? Thanks a bunch for your help, and have a nice day!
  13. Ohhhh okay double clicking is exactly what I needed! Thank you so much!!!!!
  14. It does, but that isn't what I'm asking. I'm asking if I could turn off the pen tool trying to somehow know if I want to add another node to an open curve or not. I'm coming from Inkscape, and in inkscape you can just close an open object by clicking on the starter node. You can do that in Affinity Designer too... The issue is that you mouse has to be VERY precise to make it close. Meaning that for people who work while zoomed out; it's awfully difficult to close the object... Again; I'm not saying it's a bad tool. But I am asking if I can turn the tool off though. I don't want what I don't like, and I really dislike how this feature works.
  15. Ahhh thank you for correcting me! I've been calling that the node tool this entire time! haha Just to clarify; I did indeed mean the Pen Tool; not the node tool. Also; so I'm aware of why it happens, but I'd really like a way for it not to happen. Like I said earlier I do think that it's an awesome feature, but with the way that I personally use AD; I'd rather it be something I can toggle on/off as needed. Do you know if there's a way that I can do that?

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