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  1. Cannot see where to insert a square symbol to reproduce the below in a table List of symbols supported looks too limited
  2. What would be useful is a tab type shape as this is quite common.. See how it can be used as part of a table.. Tabs are often used for page sections. It can be drawn but is a pain Thanks John
  3. When there is a figure in text such as £750,000 the £750 is underlined as a spelling mistake. This is related to the £ and also the $ How do I get this to be ignored so it accepts the £ as a regular character as this is not workable if there are a lot of numbers preceded with a £
  4. Is it possible to move sections around and have the thumbnails move as well. I have about 12 of them for different chapters in what will be an 8-0 page publication. Could the sections be collapsed to make it easier to get to specific sections of pages? Alternatively Could the section name be included as part of the page name to make it easier to locate. The publication system in PagePlus 9 was easy to use in this regard Thanks john
  5. When I add a number of new pages they are all called Page 5, rather than Page 5, Page 6 etc., The Page 5 aspplies to a spread of two pages which seems odd I now have 50 of these. on a spread can one put Page 5 for one side and Page 6 for the other?
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