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  1. In Affinity Designer for iPad v1.6.4.45 I activated the setting to import text in PSD files as text instead as Pixel layer. I then opened a PSD document with a text layer that uses a font I haven't installed on my iPad. When selecting said layer now and switching to the text tool, instead of the name of the (missing/replaced) font it says in red "? cracked". I would expect at least a warning on opening the file that a used font isn't installed and maybe let me choose then between replacing it with a default font or importing affected layers as pixel layers instead.
  2. I have many brushes imported into Affinity Designer and group them into categories. When there are too many categories though, the "Move to" menu with the target-categories is too long and doesn't fit on the screen. It's also impossible to scroll that list, so you can only choose to move brushes into one of the first categories but not those created at a later time. I'm using Affinity Designer for iPad on an iPad 2018.
  3. I have the same problem with AD crashing on importing the Frankentoon's Concept Master Nature A Brushes (the Nature B Brushes imported without a problem). I'm using Affinity Designer and Photo on my iPad 2018 (iOS 12 installed). It doesn't matter if I start importing from Affinity Designer or by opening the file from the file manager. After a few seconds the app simply closes. Any ideas?
  4. Anheledir

    Importing styles affinity designer

    Hello, I have also both installed - Affinity Photo and Designer for iPad. But I cannot import the .afstyles files, neither in Photo nor in Designer. The files also don't have a file icon. I tried it with iCloud, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive and on the iPad itself.