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  1. Hi stokerg, the users need to be able to open several files at once. I think at most, they try to open 4-5. This is something I have no control over, and telling them to work with one file at a time has already been shot down. I have been told that they have managed to get crashes when opening just one nef. They are running AP in a VDI environment. I believe the machines are configured at 6gb ram and the blades run xeon e5-2650's @ 2.5ghz. I was able to test AP for stability by opening several high resolution non nef files, each with about 50 layers of text, and getting cpu/ram to max out and still not crash. Again, the problem seems to link back to nef files.
  2. So I've read through the forums, and see that the Nikon D610 is listed under the supported RAW cameras. I've also seen several posts where people are having issues opening multiple nef files. Since nef is Nikon's raw format, I'm curious as to whether or not it is actually supported. I recently deployed AP to my end users, and have been getting feedback that the application is constantly freezing and crashing. After speaking with them, I've discovered that the files they process come from Nikon D610's and that they must be in a RAW format. Well, the only RAW format that these cameras can capture in is nef. Again, reading through other posts, it seems that nef is not currently working as intended. However, the D610 is listed under the supported RAW formats. If you could please clarify if this does or does not work, and if it does, any help to address the situation would be appreciated.
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