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  1. Hello, I'm using Publisher Beta in parallel with MAGIX Photo & Graphic Designer normally licensed. It happens quite often that I have to open PDFs made with other programs (like CADs) to edit their content and re-publish the PDF. When the contents are complex, with many hundreds of point/lines, the program becomes veeeeery slow (I have an i5 9600K with 32GB of RAM) and very often crashes. Normally I have to select hundreds (sometimes thousands) of points and delete them, for instance. On the contrary Magix (that I cite only as a comparison, to be sure that what I want to do is feasible) gets slower but still workable. Is it something that can be solved or improved? Thanks in advance. Federico
  2. Good point, thanks for the hint. It's also possible in Publisher, but the result is far from being nice nor handy...
  3. Thanks MEB, infact I saw the smart shapes tool, but it's more limited than the one present in Magix SW. There you can 'bend' and adjust various types of arrows and other shapes as you want; you also have the possibility to add column and cake graphs and other things. Please take a look at it if you didn't do it yet. It's quite handy for fast and semi-professional works, like the ones I often do. Regarding Photo (SW I bought...) it's incredibly powerful and a great value for money, but sometimes you need 5% of its power to finalize a document (make a color transparent, cut off a shapre or adjust some settings for instance) and you don't need (at least in Magix) to switch to (and buy) another software. I'm just pointing out what I feel is missing, from my point of view, to switch 100% to Affinity from Magix once it will be available... For sure Publisher will be a more professional software, but I think that with small 'addons' it will hit a much wider market (if it's price will be in line with the others...). Thank you Federico
  4. Hi, I'm a semi-professional, I mean I use DTP for my marketing docs, but I'm a marketer, not a designer. Anyway... today I'm using Photo & Graphic Designer by Magix (Xara), which is to me a very good compromise between photo/design/dtp editor. Two things I love in this software are: smart objects, like arrows and other shapes... things I can place, move, adjust, adapt through handles very easily. It would be great to have them also in APublisher smart photo retouching without the need to change software (btw I bought Affinity Photo and I love it), but in Photo... it's very easy to make a color transparent, to maks out a shape, etc. Thanks and keep doing the great job you're doing! Federico