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  1. Because none of the sliders seem to snap to zero, I have a UX tweak request to the rotate and other numeric input dialogs on iPad—this also applies to Designer (and one hopes, a future iPad version of Publisher): Long press the slider to reset to zero, instead of having to type in zero. I’m thinking a relatively long time, maybe a minimum of 750ms to prevent accidentally resetting if someone has slowed a scrub to fine-tune a setting. This would eliminate an extra two taps (one long press on the slider vs. tap on input, tap zero, tap OK) on smaller interface elements – I’m on a 10.5” iPad Pro, so anything to cut down on Fitts’ Law times helps). Resetting to zero shouldn’t apply *everywhere*, though - for instance, it makes no sense for the absolute dimension crop inputs to jump to zero, but maybe resetting to the value that existed before the input was opened. This would afford an escape valve so a user can abort the entered value without closing and reopening the crop. Again, there’s no snap to the original value, so if—for example—you scrub from 1839px down to 1750, it can take awhile to get back to 1839 without either aborting and reopening, or (if you remember what it was originally) typing the exact size in.