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  1. Hello, i a trying to split up a large image into three smaller ones with a bit of an overlap on each page. My image is about 20x18. I would like to print it on 3 pages but be able to overlap the pages after I print them. How is this possible? In Inkscape it is clipping. Not sure how to do this in affinity.
  2. The program I use for my vinyl cutter. I use cricut design space which required an svg. Regardless, I am not sure why when I download an svg file from the internet that it changes it to an affinity file.
  3. I am using Affinity designer. This is my process...I download and svg from the internet (a purchased file off Etsy). I open the program I want to use it in (which is cricut design space) and I try to upload that file. Which is what I have to do in that program. It then tells me that the file is not a supported file type. It should have just downloaded it as an svg when I purchased it, but instead it changes the extension to an affinity file extension. I don't think I have my terminology wrong?
  4. I downloaded an svg file. Tried to upload that file to a program (that I always use) and it said it didn't support that file type. When I went to the file location it had the affinity logo on the file.
  5. Hello, When I download an image or an svg to use in another program it saves it as an Afffinity file and then I cannot use it. How do I keep this from happening?
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