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  1. Hello to the Affinity Team, same goes for Affinity Photo for iPad. Opening heic files from Photos App works well. But imagine what happens when I take Photos on my iPhone and backup them to an iXpand drive in heic format. I would then like to open them on my iPad either via Drag and Drop or via opening from Cloud. This way Affinity Photo will not be able to open such files. I built a workaround for this issue via Apple shortcuts app. I made a shortcut that can be started from Sharesheet and first converts the file format to whatever I like (i.e. tiff), then opens the picture in Affinity Photo. This works fine, but only for one image. Multiple images are not supported. As I don‘t own a Mac I cannot say whether this workaround will go for Mac as well. But the procedure also states that routines for converting file formats are already built into the iOS operating system. So as far as I am concerned it cannot be too difficult to integrate these routines into Affinity Photo. And I would very much appreciate Affinity Photo to open heic files from scratch. Affinityphotoipaduser
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    Selection Tools Behavior

    Hello Sean P, thank you very much for your reply. In fact it all depends on how far you can zoom into your picture. I had a three column document and wanted to select one column in order to place it into another picture. As Affinity Photo doesn‘t scroll while drawing a selection you have to zoom out to see the whole document. I then placed the tip of my pencil on the red dot displayed in the screenshot and this is what I got: Thanks very much. Affinityipaduser
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    Selection Tools Behavior

    Hello to the Affinity Team, first of all I would like to thank you for the great work you have done by creating affinity photo for iPad. I am using it on an iPad pro with Apple Pencil for about two months and I am liking it more and more. After the new update 1.6.9 has been installed I found that the selection tool doesn’t behave as exact as it did in the former version. The new selection begins a bit offset from where the tip of the pencil has been placed and must be corrected afterwards. Though there are workarounds to overcome this issue — repositioning the selection or controlling the selection via transformation studio — I would very much like the former behavior to be back again. Thanks in advance Affinityipaduser