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  1. Make Linked, Replace or Locate multiple items on the resource manager. So far after selecting several and clicking on "Make Linked" just affects the first selected item.
  2. Ability to import CSV file and keep it updated. Example usage: Import CSV with 4 columns and 10 rows Each column from CSV the has a variable (COL1, COL2, COL3, COL4) Each row from the CSV will represent a new page (PAGE1=ROW1, PAGE2=ROW2...) On the Affinity Desktop file there are 4 text boxes each one has a variable (COL1, COL2...) The Affinity Desktop file has 10 pages each page will be fed from the Columns belonging to that ROW Just an idea, I'm pretty sure there could be even more uses to this, like keeping registers, invoices, dynamic content, feeding from google sheets or an xls file, magazines and content replacement, automatic translation of texts, etc...
  3. cgmodeler

    Import table data

    +1 I also think this could be a great feature, also to import CSV and keep a dynamic link between the file and the fields displayed on each page, updating the text field with a variable where each page number is equivalent to one row on the csv

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