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  1. This is more a feature request than a bug report. A column can be resized using the resize-bar in handle between the different columns. The resize cursor '<-->' indicates the direction you can resize the columns. When rotating a table 90' I expect the resize cursor to change directions as well, but this does not happen. In this orientation it looks like you can resize the first row (left-right), and not the first column (up-down)
  2. I would like to have multiple images in my scientific document with text on top ('title') and some text below ('caption'). I want it to be easy to make similar images + title + captions all over the document. What is the correct way to achive this in Publisher? What I have done now is: Use the 'Square tool' to create an area (in this case red) in which the title + image + caption must fall Create a text block for the title Create an image block for the image Create a text block for the caption Make sure the text and image blocks are children of the red square Use the above red square as a dummy for the rest of my document. Is this the correct way of doing what I want?

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