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  1. Yeah I could have switched to the wrong tool by mistake (Affinity keeps swapping between tools assigned to the same shortcut, I'm not used to that). I'm still trying it out at the moment. Working in 360 is much much smoother than Photoshop though. Although my PC seems to be freezing up, but that's an CPU issue that I need to check.
  2. Okay it seems like I may have selected the color replacement tool by mistake sometimes. I noticed that the regular brush tool is unable to paint over strokes made by the color replacement tool though. As if the paint was on an layer above. And yes it is frustrating for sure! It's rather hard to convince myself to switch over to Affinity with such bugs happening on the Windows version right now. I love the interface but it's hard to justify switching with the bugs I'm facing at the moment!
  3. Hey team, I've been trying out Affinity Photo as an replacement for Photoshop and I'm currently experiencing glitching of paint strokes when working on a 32-bit document. It seems to be affected by the brightness levels of the pixels in the document from what I can observe and sometimes certain areas are unpaintable at all. Restarting Affinity may resolve the issue for a few strokes but it will occur again. Below are two images, hopefully the issue is obvious enough! Edit: Tried 16-bit and the same issue occurs. Brush strokes will overlap (the brighter strokes cannot be painted over). See 3rd image for the result. Edit 3: It's happening it 8-bit too! This is getting really weird. Edit 4: Seems like the issue can be resolved by copying the content from the exr/hdr/affinity document to an new one. (The 2nd image was an 32 bit file from Affinity Photo for Mac). Brush strokes are overlapping and I'm able to paint over the image as expected. (4th image, showing that brush strokes overlap predictably)
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