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  1. I’ve been using Affinity Designer on my iPad (I don’t have the desktop version) for several months now. Being able to create digital art from anywhere has been a real boon to my productivity (I’m a stay at home dad, so my studio time is always sporadic and interruptable). In general, I’m new to working in vectors, but I’m loving what I can do with AD. Like many, I’m used to using Photoshop on my desktop to create my digital art, and there are very few times I miss it when I’m working in AD. However, there are a few features I normally take advantage of that don’t seem to be present like mesh transformations and filters. I know Affinity Photo has those functions, so I bit the bullet and bought the app this morning. I was under the impression there is a quick way to swap between the two apps to take advantage of the different tools and functions, but I’m having trouble figuring it out. My searches haven’t turned up any answers (to be fair, though, I’m well-known in my household to be terrible at google searches. My wife works in IT, and whenever I need an answer she will find it within seconds whereas I’ll spend hours and still come up short. She has mystical technology powers...but I digress). I guess that’s a long winded way to ask: how (or can) do I swap a file between AD and AP to take advantage of the different capabilities? Thank you, Toby
  2. tobys-brain

    Trouble exporting to Creative Cloud

    Haven't tried to export again, yet, nor have I tried rebooting. I'll give that a shot. I was trying to export as a PSD. Toby
  3. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the export process in AD. It seems powerful, but it's fairly different from what I'm used to. I think I'm following the correct steps, as I was successfully able to export my files to my Affinity folder on my iPad as well as to iCloud. However, when I do the same process and select a folder in Creative Cloud, it says that it exports...but the files don't show up in CC. I had no troubles IMPORTING my files from CC into AD. Not sure if it's a bug, my device, my connection, or me. Anyone else have an issue exporting to CC? Thanks Toby
  4. tobys-brain

    Importing layered files

    So, I did come up with a solution, if anyone had a similar problem. I opened the layered file as it's own document, copied it, then returned to my artboard document and pasted it onto an artboard. I started having some glitchy, freezing issues, but I assume that's because I have a tendency to go crazy with layers and effects and file sizes. Not sure if there's an easier way to accomplish this, but this appears to work. Toby
  5. tobys-brain

    Importing layered files

    Thanks! The file is a PSD I created in Photoshop. I’ve had no problem importing and opening layered PSDs that I’ve created in Photoshop as their own documents, but I haven’t been able to add them to an existing art board. Toby
  6. Greetings, all. I'm loving Affinity Designer on my iPad. I don't have any experience with Illustrator, but have watched tutorials and thought about looking at it more seriously. Then AD came out and I pounced right away. I'm relatively new to working in vectors outside of some basic stuff with the pen tool in Photoshop, and the whole artboards thing is very new to me. SO! On to my actual question: is there a way to import a layered file into a pre-existing artboard? I have created an artboard to muck around with some business card ideas to promote myself as an artist. I can import an image just fine. Basically, I want to use the logo I created for my website for one side of the card, but I want to have access to the layers to move certain elements around or make adjustments for clarity as it is in a reduced size. I've already been able to download the layered file from the cloud and open it as it's own document in AD just fine. I'm just wondering if there's a means for me to add it in it's layered format onto my business card artboard. Thanks for any forthcoming enlightenment or revelations that what I'm trying to do can't be done! Toby